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Episode 170: How To Choose Your Breakthrough Business Model with Danielle Ewalt & Michael Knouse


We’re shaking it up, listeners! For the first time in 170 episodes, I’ve got a co-host!  Danielle Ewalt, Business Strategist & Council of Visionary Business Builders member, sits down with me to discuss the various business models available to self-funded, independent entrepreneurs.  Which model is right for you?  Danielle and I dissect each of these models and provide insightful perspectives to help you choose a business model that fits the lifestyle you’re looking to create.

“Anytime you’re making your decisions with intention, it’s way more powerful…” -Danielle Ewalt

Here are the 10 Business Models:

1) The Thought Leader (9:15)

2) The Teacher (17:57)

3) The Freelancer (23:47)

4) The Agency (28:15)

5) The Content Marketer (35:17)

Want to [DOWNLOAD] all the business models, descriptions, and which models well-known entrepreneurs fall into?

Download the 10 Business Models

6) The Coach (48:10)

7) The Maker (57:12)

8) The Curator (1:03:13)

9) The Systematic (1:09:22)

10) The Brick and Mortar (1:16:21)

Get in-depth descriptions of each model as well as resource links that allow you to dig in deeper into your chosen model:

Download the 10 Business Models

“With clarity, comes confidence.”
-Michael Knouse

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Closing Thoughts:

Which model aligns best with the lifestyle you’re looking to achieve?  How can you evolve your business to the next stage? Download the comprehensive business model guide to get more proactive about going deeper into the business model you already have or make the decision to move towards a business model that gives you everything you desire.

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