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Episode 177: How to Become an Expert at Anything with Josh Haynam


“I should do that, but I just don't know how!”

How many of us entrepreneurs have said this? I'm talking with Josh Haynam today, co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, about his repeatable system that anyone can use to go from a novice to an expert through simple practice. He's used this exact system to become a guest on over 100 podcasts and became an expert writer that's been published in Forbes, and several hundred other publications. And he's also used this system to bootstrap and grow a million dollar company.

How does Josh go from novice to expert so quickly? Well, that's exactly what we're going to discuss in today's episode.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • A journey from novice to expert (3:45)
  • Josh's process for learning new skills (6:00)
  • Choosing which experts to learn from  (6:39)
  • The role a coach/mentor will play in your commitment  (10:30)
  • The one thing that lets you play ball with competitors (16:10)
  • How two commitments help to push past roadblocks (19:35)
  • Using online quizzes to break through the noise (27:40)
  • Moving from hustling to sustainable scaling  (32:22)

“That feeling of accomplishing something that you didn’t know how to do, but all of a sudden you DO know how to do? That’s the goal.” 

– Josh Haynam

Insights from Josh:

What’s a must-read for impact entrepreneurs?

What’s the single-most important trait for entrepreneurs?

  • Tenacity

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

  • Founder of Whole Foods

What are you better at than anyone else?

  • Identifying a problem and not giving up until I solve it

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you about?

  • You can always remain kind and keep your integrity and still win in business

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • Stop and take a beat when things are overwhelming

Do you have any ‘asks’ or requests of the audience?

  • If you're facing a problem, talk to someone that's either in the problem or has already gone through it

Mentioned in This Episode:

About Josh Haynam:

Tech wizard-turned-writer-and-marketing expert, Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a successful startup that produces online quizzes for lead source generation. Josh is also an accomplished writer, writing for Entrepreneur, Forbes and over 100 other publications in just a few years.

Josh is an expert in lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) and often shares his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs that are looking for a method to take their vision and turn it into accomplishment by using his step-by-step process of becoming an expert in any field. With over a quarter of a BILLION quizzes taken over 2017, Interact's method is securing clients for customers around the world.

“In the middle of our biggest growth period, I was the most downtrodden… I was frustrated; It got to me. I had to ask ‘Do I want to take this on as a burden or enjoy what I do everyday?'” 

– Josh Haynam

Challenge of the Week: Choose something you've been wanting to start. Apply Josh's simple process for going from novice to expert!

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